• Using Placeholders in lean app development

    Historically, software was built in strictly separated phases, from conception through analysis to implementation. We have since learned how painfully ineffective and wasteful this waterfall model is, and have turned to Agile and Lean practices. Indeed, most teams of developers today organize their work using Scrum or Kanban.

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  • 4 ways to tighten your designer–developer collaboration

    In 2014, I was invited to speak at Alt Conf in San Francisco and at UX open in Stockholm. I shared my ideas on how designers and developers can work together and get along better, based on what I learned in 5 years of working with many different digital product teams. This is a revised and improved write-up of those talks.

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  • What’s new in Beta 3

    With this latest Beta version, Gemba makes it easier for you to get started, is more transparent about what it does under the hood, and significantly improves performance.

    More than “just” Git

    Ever since someone described it that way on ProductHunt, I’ve positioned Gemba as “drag-n-drop Git for designers”. This was nice and catchy, but it belies the fact that Gemba streamlines your team’s asset pipeline in more than one way:

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  • Give before you take

    When I first integrated the fabulously simple Paddle SDK into Gemba for licensing and payments, I went with the simplest of options: a 30-day trial. This was dumb, and here is why.

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  • Too Simple to Be Good

    From the start, one of Gemba’s design goals was to make it simple for designers to push assets to a Git repository. Gemba actively shields users from its internal workings, so that you can deliver assets with a minimal UI. However, I learned from beta testers and usage metrics that Gemba’s simplicity made it harder for new users to get started.

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  • Bulk-adding @3x assets to Xcode Asset Catalogs

    If you’ve been holding out on making your apps ready for the iPhones 6 because of the hassle involved with re-exporting all assets and integrating them into Xcode, here’s some good news for you.

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